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Which Is The Best Electric Treadmill For Sale For Under $600?

If you haven’t got thousands of dollars to spend but want a little more than a manual treadmill might offer you, you need to check out the affordable mid range home treadmills.  Electric models that cost a few hundred dollars are often very limited on features and are usually only suitable for walking exercises, but if you check out the models in the $500-600 bracket you can often find reasonable machines that are suitable for walking and running exercises. The best mid range electric treadmill for sale for under $600 at the moment is the Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill. Check out why this model is the class leader :

Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill Review

The T101 by Horizon Fitness is an excellent entry-grade treadmill. This brand is one of the most popular producers for inexpensive, yet good quality treadmills. At $600-$800, it is an affordable purchase compared to competing models. Although the Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill works well, users should not expect amazing features and capabilities from such as low-priced machine.

Best Price Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill


On the outside, the T101 looks very appealing. It features an attractive console, speakers, and an MP3 dock. The running surface is also quite large and the unit has an acceptable warranty. Listed below are some of the basic features for the T101.

-    The running surface measures 20” X  55”. This is standard size and should be well suited for users who are average height and under.
-    Incline measures 10%, which is great for users who like running uphill. Using the incline is an excellent way to work different muscles and get more out of your workouts.
-    The LED display will give you clear and precise information about your workout results. You can monitor your continual progress on the screen and switch to view different information.
-    There are a total of 9 different workout programs. This variety is sufficient to keep users challenged and motivated to reach their fitness goals. If you are following the same program every day, your workouts will quickly become mundane.
-    Speed capacity goes up to 10mph. Treadmills are not made for breakneck sprinting, so 10mph should be enough for a low-impact cardio workout if you stay on for long enough.
-    A heart rate monitor will keep track of your pulse and let you know if you need to move faster or slow down.
-     A cooling fan on the console is a helpful device that is rather unique for a treadmill. Although it will not bring down overall room temperature, it can provide a little temperature relief during a workout.

Best Features

The T101 is perfect for a space-limit gym. Its size is already small, but it can also fold to save space while not in use. You can simply use the treadmill and then pack it up until your next workout session.

The 2.25 motor is both reliable and strong. It does not have impressive features in terms of speed, but it is more than sufficient for light jogging and walking. For the price, this motor goes far past expectations.

The warranty is lifetime for the motor and frame. Since those are the two most vulnerable components, you should not have to worry about any other parts. Other body replacements and labor warranty lasts for 1 year.

Comparable Models

The 725T Plus Treadmill by Merit Fitness is sold for an incredibly low price. It costs about $100-$200 less than the T101, but there are also fewer features. The 1.5hp engine is only enough for walking, so running capability is non-existent. Although it boasts a 10mph speed capability, running feels very awkward on this machine.

User Reviews

Some users have reported problems with the centering of the T101 treadmill track while running and the need to regularly lube the belt. But overall, most customers reported great value for the money from the Horizon Fitness T101 and comment that the machine is sturdy and robust when in use and felt like a more expensive machine.

Where to Buy Horizon Fitness T101 Cheap

The Horizon T101 treadmill can be purchased at fitness stores or on online shops. The Amazon pricing for this machine is $599 with free Super Saver Shipping. Most fitness stores cost at least $100 more and you will also need to cover transport costs.

Best Price Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill

Amazon holds the cheapest pricing for the Horizon T101. In addition to the machine, customers can also purchase lubricant for the silicon treads and a specialized treadmill mat for $50. The machine can only be shipped within the US and features a standard warranty.

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