Used Treadmills For Sale – How To Buy A Used Treadmill

If your looking for an affordable treadmill you might have asked yourself “should i buy a used treadmill?” There are so many used treadmills for sale you can easily make massive savings and you might even get a better standard of machine than if you were buying new. Buying a second hand model requires nerve and judgement, you don’t have a retailer brand you can rely on if things go wrong…..but if you know what to look for when buying a used treadmill you can make a solid purchase you can be happy with. Follow these tips to make a great buy :

1. Go for a big brand – Opting for a top brand has several benefits. First off, the leading brands have been building treadmills for an age and know how to make a good model….they want users shopping for more expensive upgrades down the line….with them. Most are so well built that they come with extensive warranties when new because manufacturers know they aren’t going to lose out and warranties make them look good, so buying a recognised brand means your making a reasonably safe bet. The second major benefit of buying a well respected brand is that their models are popular, sold in huge numbers and often have a sales/support network established nationwide that can provide common parts cheaply and you can often get repairs done easily if things do go wrong – one proviso, don’t get a model that is more than five years old, the model may be obsolete by that stage and parts may be hard to find and expensive on older models. The best brands of treadmills to look out for are Sole, Horizon, Lifespan, Bowflex, Proform and Nautilus.

2. Take a trial run – You wouldn’t buy a used car without a test drive, so don’t buy a used treadmill without a trial run. Take your favourite running shoes and give the machine a good twenty to thirty minute run out. Listen for squeaks, check the stability, see how consistent the motor is, are all the functions including incline and programs operational and working as expected? Is the treadmill in good nick or has it had a rough life. Look out for wear, knocks and scratches. Don’t take a chance on an imperfect specimen just because you have your heart set on model XYZ.

3. Quiz the owner – Don’t be shy, you could be spending a lot of money and you don’t want to pay twice. Here are some question to ask when buying a used treadmill : Ask how often the machine is used and by how many people (the less often and by fewer the better, obviously). Ask why it is being sold – the preferable answer is because the user does not have time for it any more rather than wanting to upgrade the machine because they have “outgrown” it. Ask if it is still in warranty, whether it has had any new parts, how long they have owned it/have there been other owners…….get a feel for the type of life the machine has had, whether it is a Friday afternoon machine or a well kept problem free model.

4. Hold out for the best model – Lots of people buy a treadmill from new with the best intentions and don’t use it enough to justify the cost….or use it enough to warrant the space it takes up. There are lots of used treadmills for sale cheap so hold out for the best model at the best price and condition. Remember the basics of treadmill buying, you want the longest running deck possible (especially if your buying to jog), a well powered motor (the more power the less stress the motor will have had – go for 2.5 continuous h.p if you can), easy speed control from low speed to high (3-12mph range) and an electric incline if you can.

Follow these tips when looking for a good used treadmill and you should be able to get the type of deal on a treadmill that you won’t find in any stores.