Can You Lose Weight On A Treadmill?

Can treadmills help lose weight? Absolutely. Treadmills are one of the most effective calorie burning pieces of exercise equipment available on the market. In truth any exercise you do above and beyond what you might normally do will burn extra calories which, provided your diet does not change, will lead to your weight stabilising and could begin weight loss.

How Many Calories Do You Need To Burn To Lose Weight?

Generally speaking dieticians recommend controlled weight loss of about 1 lb per week. In terms of calories, 1 lb of excess body weight equates to 3500 calories. There are two ways to look at this, you could set yourself the target of burning 3500 calories through exercise per week, basically keep the same diet but up the exercise load, or you could do some extra exercise and make changes to your diet so you cut your calorific intake each week. The combination of exercise and diet would see you lose a pound a week. The choice is yours.

How Many Calories Do You Burn On A Treadmill?

Depends on what you are doing, for how long and how fast. An interesting study, detailed here, was carried out by Syracuse University in 2004. In the study they took 12 men and 12 women and attempted to measure the calories burned in one mile dependant on whether they were walking or running. The study found that the men burned 124 calories per mile while running and 88 calories per mile while walking. The women burned 105 calories/mile running and 74 calories per mile walking.

Just to do the maths for you, if a man runs at 6 mph he can expect to burn 744 calories in an hour, likewise a woman would burn 630 calories. Walking at 3mph a man would burn 264 calories and a woman 222 calories. The men burned more because their average body weight was heavier than the women’s average body weight.

The numbers are pretty staggering. Basically if a man runs for an hour a day at 6mph for a week he will blow the 3500 calories out the window, lose 1 lb per week without altering diet and have two rest days. Similarly a women can lose weight on a treadmill without altering diet doing a similar amount of running.

Can You Lose Weight By Walking On A Running Machine?

As we can see you are going to be burning extra calories walking on a treadmill so you can lose weight on a treadmill. How long and how fast you walk will determine exactly how many extra calories you burn. Allied to a diet in which you reduce your normal daily calorie intake walking can be a good way to start losing weight and improving fitness and stamina to leave you feeling good.

Interval Training For Weight Loss

If you want to burn more than you would via standard continuous training on a treadmill (going at the same pace for the duration of the workout) and potentially lose more weight, you could opt for interval training.

Interval training is not for the beginner or someone who has done no fitness work or an individual who has health problems but can be used once you have got to a general level where you are used to exercising regularly.

Interval training can be used by experienced joggers through to novice walkers to get more calorific burn out of the same time in a gym. Essentially, you complete an interval of hard exercise followed by an interval of resting/normal exercise. If you are a jogger you might sprint on an incline for one minute followed by light jogging on the level for two minutes. For a walker you might up the pace for a minute to the fastest you can walk and then return to normal walking for two minutes to recover.

Exercising in intervals has been shown to burn more calories in the same exercise period compared to a workout where you stay at a constant pace through out the workout. The real added benefit is that working in intervals improves your fitness faster and your body burns extra calories after the workout throughout the following 24 hour period. Essentially you get twice the pay back for the same total length of exercise.

Whether you opt for a standard continuous training workout jogging or walking, or opt for an interval approach to your workout you will find one of the main benefits of using a treadmill is that it is a great machine for burning calories and therefore helping you to lose weight.


What Are The Benefits Of Using A Treadmill?

When it comes to exercise equipment the treadmill is an evergreen best seller used at both home and in gyms around the world. Identifying why this machine is such a popular best seller is easy. Just take a look at some of the benefits of treadmill exercise :

Easy To Use

One of the major benefits is that it is simple, no instruction required, hop on and walk or run. Set your speed and your off. Some machines like ellipticals require a modicum of technique and co-ordination, others such as rowers demand technique to avoid injury, using a treadmill is as natural as walking making them incredibly easy for anyone to use first time.

Improved Fitness

Improving your fitness and stamina is straightforward. Any exercise equipment that allows you to get your heart rate to increase will improve fitness and stamina over time. Increasing your heart rate for 30 minutes three times a week will develop cardiovascular fitness. Treadmills do just that for beginners through to hardened athletes.

If you are a beginner of dubious fitness levels you can simply get on a running machine and go for ever longer walks without over stressing yourself. Once you are comfortable with you fitness level for walking you can increase speeds or incline for gradual improvements to your fitness level. Eventually you can start to include jogging in your regime.

Treadmills are not just for beginners, even higher level runners can benefit fitness wise from using a one of these machines. Can you train for a marathon on a treadmill? Sure you can, check this out : Train for a marathon indoors.

Improved Toning and Weight Loss

Can you lose weight on a treadmill? Doing cardiovascular exercise to improve fitness has the added side effect of burning more calories than you would normally. As you burn extra calories you should experience weight loss, provided you do not change your normal eating habits. Treadmills have been found to be the most effective exercise equipment at burning calories (up to 700 calories/hour at an intensive work rate) and this makes them great as part of plan to lose weight.

Treadmills allow you to use extra techniques for increased calorie burn other than normal one paced stamina exercising. Recent studies have demonstrated that training at different intensity intervals can burn more calories than training at the same intensity throughout your workout period. This type of training is interval training. Simply put, jogging for a minute then walking for two minutes would be interval training and exercising in this manner has the effect of firing up your metabolism to not only burn calories during the workout but to carry on burning calories beyond the workout. Almost like double pay for the same task.

When training on a running machine you will be able to lose weight from across your whole body, you will not be able to focus the fat loss from a particular zone of your body. What a treadmill will do is tone and develop your lower torso as you lose weight all over. What muscles are used? These machines primarily target the major muscle groups in the lower torso including gluts, abs, thighs, calves and hips.

Mental Benefits

Regular exercise and improved fitness is widely recognised as contributing to good mental health. During exercise hormones called endorphins are naturally released from the brain to give feelings of well being. Using a treadmill as part of an exercise/workout program will leave you feeling mentally better in yourself via release of these natural hormones.


When it comes to exercise it is easy to find excuses to put the activity off. Maybe you don’t fancy going for a walk or run outdoors because it is cold, wet, unsafe, to dark, you haven’t washed your workout kit, you do not want to be seen. The excuses are endless. A treadmill fixes all those little demotivating problems. Use a treadmill in any weather, at any time of the day or night. You can use one of these machines in the comfort of your own home with no excursions to the gym and with no prying eyes. Convenience is one of the top factors for treadmill sales.

Looking at the benefits it is easy to see why treadmills have proved so popular over the years and are only ever going to remain popular. Essentially they are extremely effective for improving fitness, losing weight, improving body tone and are truly convenient.