Which Are The Best Cheap Manual Treadmills For Sale?

A cheap manual treadmill can be a great way to do some exercise indoors. These models tend to have several general characteristics that make them identifiable. They don’t have a motor, the user must provide the power. They are often light weight and foldable. They generally have a short running board that is less than 50 inches long. They tend to lack high tech features for measuring your exercise patterns and they tend to be the only treadmills for sale for under $200 from new.

Are Manual Treadmills Any Good?

These cheap treadmills are best for walking exercises but not recommended for running. This is because running boards generally are not long enough to accommodate a runners stride and the machine is not stable enough in use without motor power to run the belt.

The best models will be cheap, stable, foldable, have as long a running board as possible and as many electronic features as possible. There are a number of popular models available on the market at the moment, so lets compare them.

Best Manual Treadmills:

Cory Everson Manual Treadmill – Cushioned deck 42 inches long, folds, max user weight 220 pounds, LCD monitor measuring time, distance, speed, calorie count, one incline setting, water bottle holder, single flywheel and side handlebars. RRP $180. This machine gets a 3.5 out of 5 rating from users. The best features of this machine is that it is solid, folds well and is notably quiet in use. The worst features are that the incline is not adjustable on this model and the electronic components have a reputation for being faulty and poor quality. Although Cory Everson indicate in promotion information that the machine can be used for running most users indicate this machine is not suitable or safe for running on. Click here to get the best price cory everson manual treadmill.

Stamina Inmotion II Manual Treadmill – 42 inch long running deck, two incline positions, folds, 1 year warranty, dual weighted flywheel, LCD monitoring – time, distance, speed and calories. Comes complete with repositioning wheels. RRP $250. Amazon users give this model a 4 out of 5 rating. There are no outstanding problems with this machine although some users identify that the running belt can be difficult to keep in line during use. Most users identify this treadmill as being quiet in use, easy to assemble and rugged build quality.

Phoenix 98516 Easy Up Manual Treadmill – 41.4 inch running board, LED measuring time, calories, distance and speed. Single incline setting, folds, max user weight of 250 pounds and comes with a one year warranty. RRP $170. This machine is rated as 3.5 out of 5 by buyers although there is a distinct 50:50 split between happy users and downright disappointed users. Those who hate the machine tend to be six foot tall and suffer problems with the belt resistance on the running board which might indicate this model has a frame capacity of 250 pounds but the rest of the machine is not great quality. Click here for the Phoenix 98516 Easy Up Manual Treadmill Review.

Well, what we can see is that each model has it’s limitations. The Cory Everson is highly rated but the LED monitor is poor quality, the Stamina has occasional belt problems and the Phoenix leaves users split. Our choice would be to go with the Cory Everson on the basis of low price and good reports on operational use, we think we could put up with a faulty LED. The stamina runs a close second but is just to far out on price. The stamina’s variable incline settings seems a bit of a gimmick as manuals are pretty hard to use anyway and extending duration of the exercise would achieve better results. The pheonix is the lowest price model and seems to behave accordingly, just not worth the risk with other similar priced models available. All the prices listed are RRP so models may be available at discount prices at some outlets. Check the link at the top of the page to browse these and other models and get the latest prices.

Elliptical Vs Treadmill : Which Is Best?

When doing a comparison between elliptical vs treadmill gym equipment, keep in mind that both pieces provide excellent exercise to help maintain good health and fitness. In fact, they may be two of the most popular pieces of fitness equipment on the market today. Though there are similarities in the benefits this equipment has to offer, there are also distinct advantages to incorporating these machines individually into your exercise workouts.

Benefits of Using Elliptical and Treadmills

Both an elliptical and treadmill are effective in cardiovascular workouts to help you burn calories and lose weight. The treadmill is perhaps the more common of the two. Most gyms utilize treadmills as part of their standard equipment; in addition, many individuals have purchased this equipment to use at home. Treadmill workouts are great for getting your heart pumping and strengthening the lungs. When used regularly and properly, these machines provide a solid cardiovascular workout that will benefit your whole body. Regular use of a treadmill can help reduce many common health problems such as diabetes, obesity, heart problems, respiratory problems, etc. Treadmill usage also has been known to improve mobility for individuals with stiff joints.

Conversely, the benefits of using an elliptical trainer are also many and varied. Elliptical workouts are well known for being free of impact, which helps reduce pressure on your joints and back as you exercise. The machine is comparable to jogging without the impact of pounding your feet against the pavement. You still receive the cardiovascular benefits from your exercise routine and you still burn calories to lose weight. In addition, elliptical workouts help tone and strengthen leg muscles for a more attractive leg appearance.

When comparing elliptical versus treadmill in burning calories, the elliptical offers greater versatility which may help burn more calories. However, this solely depends on the individual and how much exertion he or she puts into the workout. In general, both machines produce good results and will help you to enhance your overall physical condition. Both elliptical and treadmills feature a variety of settings to help you obtain optimum usage from the equipment. In addition, you can take advantage of new built in programs allowing you to rotate between higher levels of exertion and periods of cooling down. The combination of these two programs increases the amount of calories that you burn for faster results in your weight loss program.

Because ellipticals offer workouts with little or no impact, they are very good for older people who suffer from knee or joint problems. Pedaling on an elliptical is easier for older people as compared to treadmill running. Some elliptical machines also come equipped with facilities to work your upper body. In contrast, for a beginner, a treadmill may be the better machine to begin with as it only requires foot coordination to start. Treadmill experts, on the other hand, equally master both machines with great efficiency and skill. Thus they can benefit from both pieces of equipment the same to obtain maximum results.

Brands and Prices

Some of the top name brand elliptical machines are manufactured by Sole, Livestrong, Lifecore, Smooth, Nordic Track and Proform. You will find many of these top brands in professional gyms across the country and they are also available to buy for your home use. Each company offers different models with distinct features and characteristics to meet your specific needs. Online dealers of this product offer a wide selection of elliptical machines to choose from at varying prices. Prices can range anywhere from $100 for a simple mini- trainer model sporting handle bars to roughly $1,500 for a higher end multi featured product.

Treadmill manufacturers include companies such as Icon Health and Fitness, Weslo, Image, Reebok, Proform, Nordic Track and more. You can find displays of these machines online with descriptions of their various features, functions, sizes and prices. In contrast to the elliptical, a simple treadmill model can range from as low as $130 up to $2,000 for a top of the line fully equipped Proform model.

A comparison of elliptical vs treadmill reveals many similarities. Both machines can help you reduce weight, provide good cardio exercise and get you back in shape. Ellipticals offer some advantages for older people with specific joint problems; however, both young and old alike can benefit from either piece of equipment for enhanced physical fitness.  The best choice for you will depend on which machine you feel you can stay motivated to use in the long term.