Treadmill Lubricant – All Your Questions Answered…

last update : 04/08/16.

Using a treadmill lubricant is one of the most important aspects of maintenance to ensure your machine lasts the distance. Here are the answers to some of the common questions most owners have when it comes to their machine :

Why Do You Need To Oil A Treadmill Belt?

Everyone wants to know if lubricating the belt is really necessary. The short answer is that your running machine will last longer if it is regularly oiled. Applying a cheap silicone lubricant will prevent the running belt from cracking and becoming brittle. It will also reduce friction between the deck and belt keeping the deck in top order. A lubricated belt will reduce drag that could strain the motor and cause premature failure or at the least wear.

Does Every Machine Need Lube?

Treadmill Lubricant
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The majority of treadmills need lubrication. To be sure you need to consult the handbook for your model. This will identify the type of oil required and frequency of use. Some models come with a pre-waxed deck and the manufacturers claim these do not require oiling. However, the friction from running will strip the wax and even these machines will need lubricating from time to time.

How Often Should I Lubricate My Machine?

If you are using the machine regularly you should look to lube the deck every 150 miles. If you are not a regular user your machine will still need lubing. If the machine is out of use for periods look to lube every 3 to 6 months.

How Do I Lube My Treadmill?

The usual way to lube a belt/deck is to unplug the power and then loosen off the belt by releasing tension on the belt. This will involve undoing bolts on the roller set up. You should loosen the belt enough to get your hand in under the belt. Ideally you then want to use a silicone lubricant with a paddle brush to apply the oil. Apply the oil to the brush and slide the brush under the belt.

How Much Treadmill Lubricant Should You Use?

You should apply the oil to the front of the deck across the whole width of the deck. Once you have applied about 40ml of oil, re-tension the belt and set the belt running for a few minutes. After a few minutes walk on the treadmill for two to three minutes to really bed that oil in.

What Can You Use To Lubricate A Treadmill?

silicone lubricant

Can i use any oil? No, no and no. Do not use WD40, do not use baby oil, and do not use cooking or motor oil. Generally you need either paraffin or silicon based oil. If your running belt has a fabric back you will most likely need a paraffin based lubricant. If the belt is rubber as most modern belts are, a silicone lubricant will be the best option. In all cases check the operators manual. Using the wrong oil can damage the belt.



Where Can I Buy A Cheap Treadmill?

We have already discussed how you can lose weight on a treadmill and just how many benefits to using a treadmill there are, so you should be itching to use one. If you don’t want to pay for a brand new top of the range machine and ideally want to save a few dollars you have two options, you can go use a gym or buy a cheap model. Paying a gym membership over the long haul might cost you the same as a treadmill so here are a few ideas of places where you can buy a cheap treadmill.

Private Sellers

Buying from a private seller is one of the best ways to get a cheap treadmill. Often you can get a nearly new, top specification model, for a fraction of the original price. Buying private is fraught with difficulties, you have to consider treadmill mattransport/delivery and you have to know what you are looking for to avoid expensive mistakes. Read our recent post on buying used treadmills to avoid any costly mistakes.

If you are in the US the best places to look for private sales are Craigs List (local internet classifieds by city) and ebay. With both these options you can quickly find something in your local area, review the treadmill online, find common problems to look out for and then arrange to look at the machine with a view to buying or send the owner questions to ascertain just how good the machine is.

Refurbished Models For Sale

If you don’t like the idea of buying private and want to avoid the hassle of collection and viewing and need some guarantee via a warranty then you should consider looking at some of the refurbished gym equipment specialists. Often these guys deal in commercial gym equipment that has recently completed lease, are subject to repossession or new domestic/commercial equipment that has been returned to the factory with minor defects, repaired and then has to be sold as used. In many cases you can pick up a modern model for a 50% discount to retail price. Check out used gym equipment,, and If you need more options simply search for refurb gym equipment on google.

Amazon Treadmills

Everyone knows Amazon, and if you want to save a few dollars online they are the people to check out. With Amazon you tend to get lots of new treadmills offered by established fitness stores nationwide but because they are all in one place they have to keep their prices as keen as possible. Usually prices on Amazon blow your local stores out of the water. Occasionally you can find sellers offering used models at great discounts with easy delivery options. Always worth checking out, visit

Local Stores

If all else fails check your local store. Don’t expect to find a whole range of models going cheap, rather go with the intention of buying an end of line model or an ex demonstration model. First take a look, then do some research on the net. Find out how cheap you can get the model on the net and then approach the store owner with a offer. If nothing is available at the time don’t be afraid to chat and leave your details with the store manager. Explain your constraints and budget and let them know they can use you as an option if they are struggling to offload the last model. Tell them the model you are interested in and how much discount you might want and go from there.

If you want a truly cheap treadmills for sale the best price savings are generally with private sellers, if you want a high spec top quality machine for a fraction of the new price go refurb, if you want wide choice with discount check Amazon, if time is on your hands and you want a brand new bargain go the local store route. Happy hunting!